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Date Night by Jos Fouts by ReddofNonnac Date Night by Jos Fouts by ReddofNonnac
Westner fidgeted slightly with his suit jacket as Sonya stepped out of the bedroom. "Ready honey?"
Westner nodded as he started to turn around, "I don't think I've worn this since..." He couldn't finish his sentence as he stared at the stunningly beautiful amazon before him. They had been officially married for only a couple of months but everyone knew they had been together for longer than that having a two year-old daughter as well as their 6 month old son but it still amazed him how stunning she could look when she actually put her mind to it. Sonya smiled and turned around in a circle, "I take it you like?"
He nodded looking up at her face, "Most definitely...when did you pick it up?"
Sonya smiled down at him, "Last time I was in Nathal Space. A designer created it for me. Not like an eight foot nine amazon can buy much off of the rack...did you talk to mom?"
Westner made a show of pushing up his jaw which made Sonya giggle which seemed so out of place for such a muscular beauty. "Yep the kids have settled in well, Tara seems to understand that it's for their protection."
Sonya's expression saddened, "It's not safe for them to stay with us...we have too big of a target on our backs right now."
Westner nodded and then reached up and touched her chin. "Hey...we're celebrating getting them back and also having a few nights off before I have to ship out."
Sonya's smile returned as she touched his hand, "You know we never really dated before getting married."
Westner stepped back gesturing sarcastically, "What? I took you to a lot of exotic places."
Sonya snorted, "Yeah always a great date night when you're either blowing things up, fighting for your life or both."
Westner shrugged, "Gotta admit the victory sex was amazing."
Sonya let out a embellished sigh shrugging, " got me there."
Westner laughed as he glanced at his watch, "Frack we're going to be late..."
Sonya started guiding him toward the door, "Not if we get out of here in the next few minutes."
Westner keyed open the door trying to look stern at her, "'re not flying in that."
Before he could even react she grabbed him and though him over her shoulder, "You're in no position to argue now 'little man'."
He sighed as she hurried out the door, "I would struggle but I don't want to risk ruining the dress...or the view."
Sonya laughed and with a burst of superhuman speed caught the lift just before it had closed. She casually tapped the button for the ground floor as the others in the lift stared at them. "We're running late." She carefully set Westner down and he gave her a look as the other guests chuckled slightly. "Thanks for leaving me some dignity."
The other male and a couple female guests continued to try and steal looks at her as the lift descended. Sonya smirked, "Looks like you're not the only one who likes what they see."
The other guests quickly found the lift doors very interesting and stared straight ahead as Westner chuckled. The lift doors opened and they quickly made their way through the lobby and outside into the cool night air. She scooped him up so that she was carrying him in her arms. "Here we go..." and with that she took flight almost hitting supersonic speeds. Seconds later she descended down at the entrance to Plaza hotel to the amazement of onlookers and set Westner down. He pulled out a comb and quick ran it though his hair and adjusted his suit. "I hate the hurricane come your hair and outfits always stay perfect?"
Sonya shrugged, "I really don't know...maybe it's the hairspray."
Westner laughed as they entered the restaurant. Chez Gambero was one of the most exclusive restaurants on Avalon 7, it usually took months to get a reservation and it was known for the elitist and snobbish attitudes of its wait staff. Westner wasn't sure how Sonya had pulled it off by making one phone call in the afternoon. The Maitre d barely acknowledged them, not even looking up. "Name?"
Sonya leaned down slightly as Westner spoke, "Westner party of two."
The Maitre d sneered not looking up, "Oh Yes...I haven't heard that one three times today already..."
Sonya cleared her throat looking very annoyed, "I made the reservation so I know it's there."
He let out an exasperated sigh and looked up still with distain about to make some nasty remark but quickly changed to surprise as he kept looking up to meet Sonya's gaze. He looked back down quickly, "Uh yes...Westner party of two...right this way."
Westner nodded smiling while Sonya still looked slightly annoyed, "Thank you."
He quickly lead them to a nice table. Westner pulled out Sonya's chair and she gracefully sat down as best she could in the normal sized chair. He pushed her chair in until her knees were almost touching the table and then sat down in his own chair. "May I get you and your lady a drink?"
"I'll take a Avalon Sunrise."
Sonya nodded, "Sounds good I think I'll have the same."
He nodded and quickly left. Westner picked up a menu and opened it and his jaw dropped slightly as he looked at the prices. Sonya picked up hers as he whispered, "Uh I think my first computer cost less than some of these entrees."
Sonya chuckled, "Don't worry about it, it's on me tonight."
He gave her a look as their waiter set the drinks down and she smiled coyly. The waiter looked like he had the same snobbish and elitist attitude but it seemed tempered by the fact that he knew Sonya could probably lift a car with her pinky. He quickly rattled off the specials for the night, none of which seemed to interest either of them. "...what would the madam like?"
Sonya's eyes narrowed slightly as something on the menu caught her eye. "What is the prime rib...Empress cut?"
He swallowed hard, "It's a cut of our best Avalon Kobe prime rib that weighs in at 64 oz without the bone, our largest cut available, it's usually ordered for two."
"Why is it called Empress cut?"
Westner couldn't help but smirk seeing the waiter squirm slightly. He knew full well it was a reference to her nearly nine foot size. "It's our finest cut of beef prepared to be worthy enough to severe to one such as yourself."
Sonya smiled evilly gesturing to herself, "And nothing to do with my size?"
"Uh...We felt that it would be enough to satisfy the former Empress herself."
Sonya laughed, "Well let's see if you're right...I'll take it rare with creamy Italian for my salad."
He nodded quickly jotting it down and taking her menu, "And for you sir?"
Westner closed his menu and handed it to the waiter, "I'll have the filet mignon, medium rare. and the same for my salad."
"Very good, I will put your orders in and be back with your salads."
Once the waiter got out of earshot he gave Sonya a look, "Empress cut?"
Sonya smiled, "Oh I had to give him some grief over that one."
Westner gave a sly grin, "I would have thought an Empress cut would be tough."
Sonya gave him a look, "You know that sex you were ever planning on having again?..."
"Uh but would look absolutely stunning on the outside."
Sonya smirked, "I'll give you points for the recovery."
Westner gave her a lopsided grin as he quickly tried to think of a subject change, "Thanks, I appreciate, you looking at going back to the black outfit?"
Sonya shrugged, "The blue is nice for public appearances but really the black would be better for what I like to do."
"I can understand that, neither of us are much for the spotlight."
Sonya leaned forward, "Yet neither of us were happy being 'retired'." making the air quotes with her fingers.
He nodded as the waiter brought their salads, "But the question is are we going back to the 'old ways' of doing things?" again making air quotes.
Sonya picked up the salad fork and took a bite before responding. "You mean the 'statements' we made? I hadn't thought much about it."
Westner took a few bits of his salad, "We were more than that...we were the scalpels that removed bad things before they got worse. Yes there were times we made statements but for the most part we were subtle."
"I would love to go back to those days, but working with Team Deepstrike kind of removes the ability to operate as independently as we did. Our actions also have larger repercussions especially with Ji'rin working on getting some version of the SPB bill though."
Westner grimaced, "Annd were digressing onto work topics, which I thought were going to be banned tonight."
Sonya pointed a finger at him with mock accusation, "Hey you started it."
"That means I can end it. Which I am."
They both ate their salads quietly trying to think of something not work or child related to talk about. Finishing his salad Westner set his fork on the plate and put it over to the side, " what exactly do we talk about?"
Sonya did the same and then rubbed her forehead, "Frack neither of us have a life outside of work and the kids?"
Westner laughed, "Isn't that sad? Haven't you been talking with Jen lately?"
"Yes we have. She's been doing good, and actually is thinking about taking up residence in Freedom City. She said she's talked to Angel out on the West Coast and found out Angel is coming over this way for a few days, Glen's got her on some investigation."
"You guys will have to do lunch together."
Sonya nodded smiling, "Yeah I did mention that to her, Tamara would also like to join us for that. Though I'm not sure I want her too."
Westner gave her a questioning look as the waiter took the plates away. "Why not?"
Sonya snorted, "You really think I want Tamara hearing the stories they have about me? Especially know they won't stop telling them if she shows up."
Westner laughed, "Oh in that case I have to give her a recorder to take...I need to hear this."
Sonya made a face sticking out her tongue slightly, "No you don't."
Westner got a mischievious look to him, "Oh maybe you should talk to them about forming your own group...'The Female Furies'?"
Sonya rubbed her chin with a bemused expression, "Putting the fact aside that none of us, save for Ariel are heroes, how would that work with you on the team...or are you planning some procedure and not telling me?"
Westner gestured to himself, "Oh if you include me you'd have to call it 'Greg's Angels'."
Sonya raised an eyebrow, "Seriously?"
"Well I would be the tactician for the group. I mean you've got three blonds on the group, you..."
Sonya's eyes narrowed as she interrupted, "Ever."
Westner swallowed hard, "I was about to say won't need field help but overall planning help."
Sonya gave him an evil look. "Better...I think you should have the medic on speed dial tonight though the way you're going...or maybe a proctologist."
Westner gave her a weird expression cocking his neck to one side, "I swear doc the last thing I heard was that she wanted to show me how far I had put my head up there."
They both laughed, "Ah I've missed this...the two of us just having fun."
Sonya smiled, "So have I, we need to do this more often."
Westner looked around at the other patrons and wait staff giving them looks. "Though maybe not here."
Sonya shrugged still grinning as the waiter brought their food over, "True...Hey I know, after this you want to hit a bar or club?"
Westner started cutting his filet and marveling at is size, tenderness and the fact it was cooked to perfection. "Sure why not."
Sonya looked at the monster prime rib in front of her and began cutting a piece of it off. "Ohh this looks good."
Westner gave a 'thumbs up' as he finished chewing, "This has got to be the best filet I've had in a long while."
Sonya smirked as she swallowed, "The cut is just like me...large, tender as well as looking good."
Westner laughed as he quickly reached across with his fork, stabbing the piece she had just cut and ate it. "Doesn't taste like you though."
Sonya nearly coughed out the piece she was eating. "Greg!"
Westner grinned evilly, "Hey you continued it."
Sonya noted some of the dirty looks they just got from the two nearby tables, "Ok if we ever want to eat here again we best stop that line of conversation."
They continued eating, "So last I heard you need to give up your first born and wait months for reservations."
Sonya smiled, "Let's just say name dropping works here."
"I know my manhood is going to regret asking but who's name?"
"Sorry dear, but it was mine that got the reservation moved up a day."
He smiled looking a little excited, "So my name got us bumped up on the list all the way to a day? Nice."
Sonya smiled as he finished his meal, "Yeah I dropped yours first and then threw mine in for good measure."
He pointed a fork at Sonya's over three-quarter finished prime rib. "Need some help finishing?"
"Nope I got this. They made the challenge to the wrong woman."
Westner chuckled as he finished his drink and watched her polish off the rest of the prime rib. He just stared into her eyes lovingly when she finished and she found herself doing the same to him. The waiter taking their plates away broke them out of the spell, "How was everything?"
Westner nodded, "My complements to the chef it was excellent."
Sonya smiled, "Same here."
"Would either of you care for some dessert or an after dinner drink?"
"I'll have the Profiteroles."
Westner thought for a second, "The brownie sundae."
The waiter nodded and moved off. Sonya smiled, "So where were we?"
"Exploring the inner beauty of each other though their eyes."
Sonya laughed, "Ok so what do you like most about my outer beauty?"
Westner scrunched his face, "This is one of those loaded questions isn't it?"
Sonya winked, "I may give you a little grief."
He gently took her hand, "It's hard to's the way the whole package works. I mean your muscularity accentuates your curves giving you a powerful but very feminine look. It's just like the way you are on the inside, strong and fiery but caring, loving, passionate and...well fun. It's what drew me to you in the first place."
Sonya was visibly blushing, "Wow...I mean..."
Westner smiled and they again just stared at each other until the waiter brought their desserts. As he started in on his he smirked, "So let me pose the same question to you."
"Well I think my answer is similar, just the way you carry yourself. You have a confidence and almost roguish charm yet you care about the people close to you. When you made me that promise about rescuing my parents I knew you would keep it. The way you stood by me though everything, even when it could have killed your career before it began. When you felt vulnerable or even scared you confided in me and were not afraid of how it would make you look. I feel you're a stronger person for it."
Westner grinned, "Thank you...but you dodged the question. I mean I know I'm not the beefiest of men out there."
Sonya grabbed his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "That's just may not be mister atlas but it's not the point. Your face...those eyes and what's behind them that drew me to you."
Westner looked lovingly at her as she let go, "Now let's finish these before they melt."
He nodded and they finished their deserts quietly looking at each other. The waiter brought the check and set it down in front of Westner and Sonya quickly reached over and snagged it. "My treat, remember?"
He gave her a look, "About that..."
Sonya winked as she pulled out her credit chip and swiped it, entering in a decent tip to the bill, "I have a stipend from being'll go into our account as soon as I'm discharged from my duties."
Westner nodded, "But it needs to stay separate for now to keep things on the up and up...gotcha. I think I could get use to my wife earning more than me."
Sonya stood up chuckling, "Come on, the night is still young."
Westner got up, "Lead on..."

Yet another commission from the amazing artist Jos Fouts [link] . He did a great job bringing the two of them to life.
Pugugly001 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
What a lovely vignette.
ReddofNonnac Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Thanks for the kind words.  He did a great job with the artwork.
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