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Happy Valentine's Day 2018
Greg was thinking of going out for Valentine's Day but Sonya looks like she wants to stay in.  I wonder who's going to win the discussion? ;)


A quick render for Valentine's Day hope everyone enjoys!

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    Sonya and Greg stepped into one of the many busy bars in Westerland Station.  They were both dressed in civilian clothing, but Sonya knew most people recognized her.  An amazon standing at nine feet tall tended to stick out no matter what she did to try and hide her identity.  To make matters worse she spotted a beat-up propaganda poster of her diving out of a dropship plastered on one of the walls with a bunch of other posters right next to the wanted holos that had her, and the rest of strike team Omega listed along with sizable awards listed.  She felt like everyone was watching them, so she pulled her ball cap down a little bit as Greg surveyed the room.  “Maybe this was a mistake.”  Sonya mumbled as she turned slightly to head back out of the bar.
    Greg shrugged and gently took her hand, pulling her forward, which seemed almost comical as he was almost three feet shorter than her.  He guided her through the crowd and toward the bar, “Westerland is a smuggler’s haven and has no love for the Empire.  Let’s go ask the bartender and order a drink and possibly some grub.  They have to finish refueling the transport before we can leave anyway.”
    Sonya didn’t seem convinced as he led her over to two empty barstools.  He quickly sat down as Sonya eyed the stool for a moment and then gingerly sat down until she was sure it would take her weight.  One of the bartenders came over to them smiling, “So what can I get the infamous Captain of the Avenger and the Hero of Praxsis?”
    Greg winced slightly as Sonya shook her head.  “I’ll have whatever is on tap.”  Greg shrugged, “Sounds good for me as well.”
    The bartender nodded, “Coming right up.”
    Sonya elbowed Greg, “I told you we should have at least tried to disguise ourselves a little better.”
    “How many two point seven meter tall amazons do you know?”
    Sonya nodded conceding the point, “But you might have escaped being recognized.”
    The bartender came back over with their drinks, “Here you guys go.  I wanted to say thank you.  My brother was at LZ Echo and told me about how the ‘Hero of Praxsis’ saved him and his squad.  He and his squad mates called you an Archangel of Fire.”
    Sonya’s expression turned to a mixture of shock and surprise for a brief moment before turning to more of a humble look.  “I…it was a team effort.  I just did what I had to, there were others who were just as, if not more heroic.  Greg lead the breakout, I just helped make the hole.”
    Greg gave her a curious ‘the hell…’ look as the bartender also looked at her strangely for a moment and then nodded, “My brother said you were humble about it, but man... Anyway, thank you again.  This round is on me.  What brings the two of you out here?”
    Sonya took a sip of her beer before responding, “We’re actually looking for a couple of people who wanted to talk to us.  Don’t know if you know them.  A blonde hared woman who wears a hooded cloak and a strangely armored woman with a T-shaped visored helmet.”
    “You mean Mandalorian looking armor?  Jen and Selena?  Yeah, I know the two of them.”
    Greg looked at him funny, “Mandal what?”
    “From a very old series of movies and tv shows from Earth about a group rebels fighting an evil space empire.  Space combat wasn’t that realistic, and it was campy in places but it was still fun to watch.  They must be fans of it as well.”
    Sonya took a quick drink before asking, “Did the rebels end up wining?”
    He gave her a look, “Of course, it was during a time where in the movies the heroes had to win in the end.  If you want I can make you a copy of the vids.  I’m talking old school two D.”
    Greg nodded, “Yeah sounds like it could be fun.  I kind of like watching those old classics when I can find them.”
    “I’ll burn you a copy after my shift is over.  Anyway, I think they’re out on a job that should be back soon if they didn’t run into trouble.”
    Greg looked at him curiously, “What kind of job?”
    “They work security for some of the smaller ships that make supply runs for the station.”
    He nodded and then noticed other crews coming up to the bar, “I gotta take care of the other customers.  If I see them come in, I’ll let you know.”
    Sonya and Greg both nodded to him, “Thanks.”
    Sonya turned and they sat in silence for a moment just looking at each other before Sonya ran her left hand though her hair looking at him sheepishly, “So, most of my date small talk conversation starters are useless.”
    Greg laughed, “I was just thinking the same thing.”
    Sonya nodded, “What did Thrawn want before we left?”
    Greg looked at her surprised for a moment, “She talked to you too, didn’t she?”
    Sonya smirked, “No but I was in Steph’s lab when Thrawn called asking for an update on the decoding of the Manual.”
    Greg took a long drink before responding, “She said wanted to talk to me about Janette, but I get the feeling she wanted to make sure I was taking leave and not staying on the ship.”
    Sonya nodded as she took another drink, “She asked Steph if she felt I could leave the ship.  You know this is the first time I think I’ve been off the ship without having mission.  Hell, I don’t think I’ve been on an official date since well before I got assigned to the Avenger.   She looked down and sighed, frowning slightly. “Not like many wanted to get to know me anyway until after Praxsis.”
    Greg put his hand up on her shoulder trying to comfort her, “I’m sorry.  I won’t even pretend to know what that was like.”
    Sonya reached up with her hand and grasped his as she looked over at him and gave him a week smile.  “You’ve always been there for me, even when we first met.”
    Greg gave her a look, “I shot you, twice.”
    Sonya shrugged a little smirking, “Ok, the official meeting in the resistance base.  You believe in me when even I doubt myself.”
    Greg smiled, “You make it easy to believe in you.”  And then after a quick sip of his drink he tried to change the subject.  “So I have to ask though, what is this force mumbo jumbo?”
    Sonya shrugged as she let him take his hand away from her shoulder, “My creator mother seems to believe it.”
    Greg gave her a ‘seriously’ expression as he asked, “Creator Mother?”
    Sonya gave him a look back, “Can you think of a better way to distinguish them?”
    Greg looked thought for a second, “Biological, no, birth, no.  Uh, you’ve got me there.”
    Sonya sighed, “Yeah I don’t want to put a label on the mother who raised me and was born from.  It’s still hard to take all in, but I’m trying.  Elune has agreed to try to teach me to develop and use my powers.”
    Greg smiled, “That’s good to hear, when do you start?”
    Sonya shrugged as she tried to take a surreptitious glance around, noting that no one was really paying attention to them now. “She has to stay on the run for now as she builds her power back up so I’m not sure…”  Sonya rubbed her forehead as she sighed, “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”
    Greg nodded, “It’s not going to get any better once the ship’s out of dry-dock.  We have to take this time while we can.”
    The bartender walked over to them and motioned slightly to the doors behind them, “Just came in.”
    Sonya turned slightly to try and subtlety look over in the direction and saw the familiar black cloaked figure and armored woman making their way over to the bar.  Both looked a little weary in her estimation.
    Selena sighed as she looked over at Jennifer, “No more security jobs that include ‘exotic animals’.  I’ve taken three showers and scrubbed my armor more times than I can count since yesterday and I can still smell it.”
    Jennifer nodded, “Agreed, but on the plus side between that job and our last one we have enough to cover an additional month if we had needed it.”
    Selena tilted her head to her companions slightly in curiosity, “Needed?”
    Jennifer started heading directly toward Sonya and Greg, “They’re at the bar.”
    Selena quickly followed her taking off her helmet, running a hand through her blue and raven hair, “This should be interesting.”
    Jennifer pulled back her hood as she approached Sonya and Greg, “Good to see you again.”
    Sonya nodded to her, “You to...”  She gestured to Greg, “This is Captain Gregory Westner, my…uh…captain.”  Sonya felt like she wanted to slap her forehead after what she just said.
    “Is that what they call it here?” Selena sarcastically remarked as she stepped up behind Jennifer.  Jennifer turned slightly and gave Selena a dirty look before turning back to Sonya, “This is Selena Fett, my friend and at times over protective, sarcastic bodyguard.”  She sat down beside Sonya as Selena set her helmet down on the bar next to Jennifer signaling for the bartender.  Jennifer turned to Sonya, “So…?”
    Sonya looked down at her drink, her mood turning more somber, “There was an incident.  I don’t really want to talk about it in public.”
    Jen nodded to her looking slightly concerned, “We can talk in our apartment after lunch.”
    The bartender came over and pulled out his data slate.  “Usual for you and Jen?”
    They both nodded and said almost in unison, “Please.”
    He turned to Sonya and Greg, “You guys want anything to eat?”
    They both looked up at the menu board behind him for a moment before Sonya answered, “BLT, dry.”
    He quickly jotted it down, “You should try it with the Ta’charin dressing, tastes a lot like Earth Italian.”
    Sonya nodded, “Sounds good.”
    Greg shrugged, “Make it two.”
    He quickly marked the data slate and then pulled out some utensils for them and set them at their spots.  ‘Coming right up!”
     Greg turned to Jen, “So how did the two of you end up here?”
     Selena shrugged, “Jen’s mentor sent us on a mission to find some Old Republic artifact that he was looking for.  There was a glitch in the hyperdrive computer and it took us along an old hyperspace path that had been abandoned after several ships disappeared.  We hit some sort of anomaly and ended up in this universe.  Apparently, some TIE fighters also ended up here and attacked us.”
     Jennifer chimed in, “A group of privateers actually helped us out and gave us coordinates to Westerland Station.  We’ve been working as private security to help pay for the rent and other bills.”
     Both Sonya and Greg looked at them curiously, “Of course no one here except for the bartender believe our story.  They think we’re from near the unknown region.”
     Sonya and Greg both chuckled, “Yeah it is a tough one to swallow.”
They continued chatting as the bartender brought them their food and then looked at him strangely when he refused to let Sonya and Greg pay for theirs.  Selena finally asked, “Hero of Praxsis?”
     Sonya sighed, “I assisted in the break out of one of the landing sights during the Invasion of Praxsis.  A video of my assist made GNN and now I get the title of ‘Hero’.”
     Greg gave her another ‘the hell’ look before adding, “She was directly responsible for the breakout and nearly lost her life…”
     He continued telling the story from his perspective as they ate lunch.  Jen noticed that Sonya became very sullen, interrupting a couple of times to try and downplay her roll but it was clear that Greg was placing most of the credit for the breakout on her.  They finished up their lunch chatting a little bit about U.R.F. history and then Jennifer and Selena led them to the apartment which wasn’t too far away from the hangers.  It was small, a living space with a few chairs and couch in front of a holovid player connected to a small kitchen.  A small room was off to the side that Sonya and Greg guessed was probably the bedroom and bath.  Jennifer took off her cloak and hung it up. “Sorry about the sparse accommodations, we don’t normally have guests.”
     Selena walked past towards the kitchen, setting down her helmet on the kitchen counter. “At least we have a living room, a lot of the apartments are basically one room with a bunk bed and a bathroom with a small standup shower.  Have a seat anywhere you would like.”
     Sonya carefully sat down on the couch, it groaned with her weight but held as Greg sat down beside her.  Jen quickly pulled a chair around sat down in front of Sonya looking concerned, “So about that incident?”
     Sonya sighed, taking a moment to compose herself, “After my last mission we were waiting for pickup when we heard about a possible terror attack about to take place.  Local command couldn’t spare the resources so Kat, I mean Lieutenant Kerrigan, and I went out without orders to stop them.  We made it to the location in time and ambushed the terror team.”  Sonya grimaced as she remembered the fight, “I was rather ruthless and brutal.  I ripped one of them in half…I nearly killed a surrendering Blackwatch trooper.  I was just so full of rage knowing that they were planning to slaughter civilians.  If Kat hadn’t been there I would have driven my hand right through his stomach and left him there to bleed out.”
     Selena walked into the kitchen area and pulled out a few glasses and started pouring some drinks, “We’ve all been there.  I’ve had my share of close ones, if not for her Jedi Master I might have gone too far over the line to come back.”
     Sonya lowered her head in shame, “But I enjoyed it.  The killing, the rage.  I was acting no better than the scum who raped me.  I said the exact same thing to justify what I was about to do.”
     Greg rapped his arm around her as best he could, “Yeah but you feel remorse about it, they didn’t.”
     Jennifer looked at Sonya curiously, “Do you fell remorse?”
     Sonya looked at Jennifer and nodded, “About almost killing the surrendering Blackwatch?  Definitely.  That’s why I’m here.”
     “What about the others?  The one you ripped in half?  Some of them probably have families, loved ones.”
     Sonya’s expression turned to annoyance, “And the people I fight beside don’t?  How about the civilians that they were about to massacre?  If I have to choose between their lives and the enemy, then it’s a pretty fracking easy choice.  War is brutal and ugly, if I can end the fight quicker by killing my enemy then so be it.”
     Selena brought a couple of the drinks over and handed them to Sonya and Greg, “You ripped a guy in half.  That’s a pretty brutal way to die.”
     Sonya looked down as Jen leaned in.  “Ok let me ask you this.  Have you ever other moments where you enjoyed the violence?”
     Sonya looked over at Greg looked ashamed, “Yes.”
     Greg pulled himself in closer to her, “Nothing to be ashamed about.  I’ve had that rush in combat as well.”
     Sonya shook her head, “No this wasn’t the adrenalin rush of battle, I enjoy it.  I get the feeling almost every time I go into combat and use my powers or when I use my inhuman strength in general.”
     Jen nodded, “Ok so have you destroyed things for the sake of it, for this ‘enjoyment’?”
     Sonya quickly shook her head, “You mean collateral damage?  No, I haven’t intentionally done so.  I’ve accidently done some things, but I’ve reported it every time.  It’s not like the temptation isn’t there though.”
     Selena shrugged as she headed back to the kitchen, “Can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted if I was super strong.  It’s got to be quiet the rush.”
     Sonya nodded, “It is.”
     Jen studied Sonya for a moment, “I think I know the answer to this but I want to hear you say it.  Have you willingly stopped fighting or withdrawn if you have been told or the situation warranted it?”
     Sonya shrugged as she thought for a second, “I try to.  Not like I can pull a punch at the last second or if I’ve already released a blast.  It’s hard to sometimes see the big picture when you are in the middle of a melee but if I realize the engagement isn’t favorable I try to disengage and I use to think I would never harm a surrendering opponent.  When Kat told me to stop I did, but all I need was the slightest hesitation from Kat and I would have murdered him.”
     Jennifer perked up at her last phrase, “You said murder this time.”
Sonya looked at her for a moment and then realized what she had said, “I did?  Yeah I did.”
     “That’s actually a good sign, along with the fact that while you ‘enjoy’ the violence you’re not killing for the pure pleasure of it or to see someone suffer.  You kill to protect those you feel responsible for.  You don’t sound like a sadist, have you ever tortured someone?”
     Sonya looked at Greg for a second as if she didn’t want to disappoint him.  “I’ve used violence or the threat of to get information.”
     Greg sighed, “Hey I kneecapped a guy, not proud of it but lives were on the line.”
     Sonya nodded, “Exactly!  Wasn’t like I did it for pleasure.  Though I do enjoy when a self-professed tough guy cracks after I crack my knuckles or slap my fist in my hand.”
     Selena smiled as she brought Jennifer’s and her drinks over.  “Oh yeah!  I love that as well.  They talk all tough and then second it looks like they’ll be hurt, especially when you threaten their manhood they crack like an egg.”
     Greg gave and exaggerated wince as he gestured to Selena, “Oh ’k remind me never to get captured by her.”
     Jennifer nodded smirking slightly, “I’ll try.  Let’s talk about some of your other adventures…”

     Two hours later Jennifer listened to the last of Sonya and Greg’s stories about their adventures using her own skills and the force to Study Sonya while they were talking.  She could tell they were leaving stuff out but guessed what they were leaving out was classified.  When Sonya finished Jennifer looked sympathetically at her.  “I’m going to be honest and direct.  I can feel the darkness in you trying to grow and consume you but you fight it constantly.  I take it you don’t sleep well?”
     Sonya nodded, “I have nightmares about what I have done for the cause and those I couldn’t save.  I get maybe an hour or two at most.”
     “Until you make peace with yourself and their ghosts the nightmares will continue.  I can try to help you with that but a true therapist might be able to help more.  As for the pleasurable rush when using your powers.  Well your powers are just tools like my force abilities or my lightsaber.  They can be used to build or destroy, defend or oppress, it’s all in how you use them.  When you kill it is because you are trying to protect others from harm.  As long as you don’t kill for pleasure or because of what they might do…”
     Sonya quickly interrupted, “What about when I ambush a patrol?”
     “They are an eminent threat.  Like that terror team.  It’s a fine line and I want to help you not cross it if at all possible.”
     Greg grimaced, “Well there is a big hurdle to that.  We can’t have civilians on a warship and this technically contested space so we really can’t make it a habit of coming here.”
     Jen nodded, “We could move someplace closer, might make things a little tight for a while.”
     Selena shrugged, “There are a couple of job offers I’ve received in the Ta’charin system.  We could start there.”
     “That would make things a lot easier.”
     The vid com beeped on and Selena quickly answered it.  The face of the bartender that they had been talking to appeared on the vid.  “Hey, you might want to pass along to your guests that I just heard we have an Imp patrol ship inbound in about fifteen minutes.  They probably want to make themselves scarce.  Oh and I made a copy of those movies for them, I left it with their ship.”
     Selena nodded, “They are right here, I’ll tell them.  Thanks Joe!”
     “My pleasure, see you guys later!”  The vid clicked off as Sonya and Greg quickly got to their feet.  “Hate to cut this short but we better hurry, our ship should be fueled by now.  Jennifer nodded as she stood up as well, “It’s been a pleasure.  I’ll send you a message once we’ve found a new place.”
     Sonya shook Jennifer’s hand, “Sounds good.”

     Minutes later Greg and Sonya’s shuttle entered hyperspace.  Greg looked over at Sonya, “So did it help?”
     Sonya shrugged looking out into hyperspace, “A little, but how do I make peace with myself much less ghosts?”
     Greg placed a gentle hand on her arm, “By understanding your limitations and accepting that you can’t save everyone.  Would Alex want you to obsess over his death?”
     Sonya looked down with a sad expression as Greg continued, “You can’t control who lives and dies.  Believe me there are times I’ve lay awake at night second guessing some of my orders, but to honor their memory we have to continue to fight and hope in the end it was worth what we lost and what we’ve had to do.”
     Sonya nodded and Greg could see a little more life return in her tired eyes.  “I’m looking forward to relaxing on Ta’charin for a few days with you.”
     Sonya smiled sweetly as she gently took his hand.  “Me too.  Hopefully everything will stay quiet.”

     Imperial Throne Room
     25 Minutes after Greg and Sonya leave Westerland Station

    A young technician quickly approached the throne dais and knelt down.  The Emperor casually set his drink down on the table beside him, “Rise and report.”
    The technician quickly stood up, “My Lord, we received a report from destroyer D-281.  They are currently in orbit around Westerland station and report that the Captain of the Avenger and Sonya Blade were seen leaving the station.  They are still ascertaining why they were there, but it is reported that they may have been heading for Ta’charin Five.  Given the timeframe and that they were using a civilian ship we estimate it will take them at least three days to arrive there.”
    The Emperor frowned at him, “Why did no one report they were at the station?”
    The tech stammered nervously as he quickly reread the report, “Apparently they the station recording systems were not functioning in those areas that they were in.  The destroyer crew are looking into it as we speak.”
    The Emperor shook his head in slight amusement, “That was rhetorical.  Westerland is a hive of smugglers, scum, and outlaws.  I’m surprised they were even reported at all.  Have the Captain make a statement to remind them who they should be loyal to.  What assets do we have on Ta’charin?”
    The tech nodded as he quickly brought up the information on his datapad, “Sir we have a small spy network, a Blackwatch contingent of five commandos...”  The tech raised an eyebrow, “And apparently a local gang.”
    The Emperor shrugged, “It will have to do.  Send word they are to capture the Captain Westner and Lt. Commander Blade alive and deliver them to me.”
    The tech looked concerned as he noted the Emperor’s commands, “My lord, if the reports we have received are true…”
    The Emperor shrugged, “Yes, they will need to be creative.  A direct attack on her would be suicide, but my advisors have been questioning Ms. Blade’s loyalties, this will be a test of them.  If they are with the Captain, they can use him as leverage to get her to comply.  Dismissed.”
    The tech bowed again and then hurried out of the throne room.  The Emperor took a sip of his drink and smiled.  It was time to check on Elune in her prison and pick up a new supply of reflex energy, maybe this time he could goad Elune into revealing her secrets.”
Sonya and Greg's Leave Part 1
One of the stories I've been working on for a while.  I've been trying to get my creativity back and figured completing this might help.
A little teaser for the story I've been trying to work on.

    Sonya could feel her regeneration struggling to keep up with her injuries as she tried to pull herself up to get oriented and moving before the launcher cycled a new round, realizing it was no ordinary LAW rocket they were firing.  She could hear though the ringing in her ears someone shouting.  “Shoot her again for fracks sake!”
     Still seeing spots from the flash of the explosion she didn’t dare let loose with a distortion wave or orbs, Stephanie had warned about using that power when disoriented.  She fired off a wild reflex energy blast from her hand in the general direction the LAW came from just as the shooter fired again.  This time the rocket detonated on her right shoulder sending shards into her face and neck cutting the tendons in both, her shoulder becoming dislocated as she was practically flipped over from the force of the blow.
     The pain was almost unbearable but she refused to give in as she again tried to pull herself to her feet, grinning almost demonically given her injuries.  She was almost blinded from blood and shrapnel that had gotten around her HUD glasses but she could hear the terror in their voices.  “She won’t stay down!”
     “Hit her again!”
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